How do I get the word out that we are talking about free CLE credits for MN lawyers?

CLE courses – lawyers teaching lawyers. Why pay for this stuff? I am a lawyer, you are a lawyer, let’s teach each other. I am talking about the Minnesota Lawyer Education Cooperative.

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MN Lawyer Education Co-Op

I am putting together a CLE co-op. Very basic. We will get together and present approved MN CLE courses – free to members. How do you become a member? Well, it’s a co-op, so you become a member by cooperating. In other words, agree to present a CLE course and you can attend courses.

The CLE forms can be downloaded here: MN CLE Forms

I am working on getting a sponsor OASIS log in and password so that we can get the CLE courses approved online.

Here is how it is going to work: members who want to present a topic will fill out the form and apply for credit.  Designate Minnesota Lawyer Education Cooperative as the Course Sponsor.  All courses will be 60 minutes or less and no application fee will be required.  I have a downtown Minneapolis corporation who has agreed to provide meeting space but other meeting spaces are available and we can meet wherever we like.


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Be heard in MN

MnDot wants feedback. I really should get involved.

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Wooden bikes made out of wood

Heck yeah.

Don’t offer me your modern methods I’m fixing to carve this out of wood.

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Chicago picked their bike share vendor

This summer my friends.  Share a bike!

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letter to the editor: Cyclists have just as much right to roads

Columbus Indiana checking in.

Keep up the writing.  Maybe we will wear them down!

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Headset shot on the road bike. What to do…

I replaced the headset on my road bike this past summer and it is going bad already. I do not know what I did wrong. I like to think nothing! (That something else is amiss).

Anyhoo, now I need to decide what to do. I bought two of this cheap headset so I can just swap it out. Which and dirty. But I am thinking of leaving the threaded world behind and moving to the threadless world. People say things about aesthetics but I do not mind the threadless look. I actually quite like it. But that means abandoning my cool 1980’s chrome fork which I do not really like to do since I grew up staring down its sleek legs.

So maybe the answer is the Cane Creek 100. I am not opposed to Chris King but I am not about the bling on my bikes.

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